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hey girl, you're beautiful please stay strong! <3

Awh<3 i totally disagree with you, but thankyou >.< and i’m trying <3

Have a selfie

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You deserve happiness and peace with yourself. No one deserves this war. :(

I love you

Do you feel cold and lost in desperation? You build up hope but failures all you’ve known, remember all the sadness and frustration, and let it go

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Look i know life seems shit now but trust me it will get better, life will never give you things it knows you cant handle and look your reading this now that means you have made it this far and you should be proud of yourself, and I'm proud of you everything you have been through has just been another obstacle that you have knocked down and that shows just how strong you really are! Just don't give up!! I am always here for you no matter what I love you Lia stay strong you can do this!

You’re so good to me phoebe >..


I’m fine. Promise.

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One cut , two cut, three cut, four.. come on baby what’s one more… five cut, six cut, seven cut, eight, oh what i mess i will create

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you are beautiful

You are too kind